Advocare Business Card

Jaudio 2020

Did you watch it all the way through?  Pinky swear?  Good, ’cause it’s important.

Okay.  So check it out:

Rather than show you AdvoCare business card examples or share AdvoCare business card templates, I’m going the opposite direction with this.

Handing out business cards doesn't tend to yield a high conversion rate, however, investing time in a real online business will. This is something the folks at Kyani product reviews found out recently.

Yeah, you could go to Vistaprint or Etsy and get some personalized cards created, but why on Earth would you wanna do that?

Because your upline told you to?  Or because it was your genius idea?

I hate to beat you up over this, but 250 high-gloss AdvoCare business cards ain’t gonna change anything online surveys.

If you’re struggling to sell product and sponsor people now?  You’ll still struggle, even with a pocketful of cheesy professional cards.

I’m anti-business card, period.

AdvoCare has nothing to do with it.  We could be talking any other MLM or pyramid scheme (tee-hee) and my advice would be the same: don’t bother.

Business cards are a waste of time, money, energy… and they scream, “I’m average!”

Do you think it’s a good idea to label yourself as average?

‘Cause think about it:

“Golly gee, I’m in business now.  I better go get some cards made so I can hand ’em out and feel legit.”

It’s what every rookie business owner automatically does, especially in the beginning stages when times are tough.

I know this because it’s exactly what I did when I became a personal trainer seven years ago.

And guess what I have buried deep in the storage closet?  Yep, a dusty box of business cards that never even made it outta the house.

But even if you’re more “social” than me and you do commit to handing these things out… how much business do you think these magical cards are gonna bring ya?

Here’s my guess: little-to-none.

For several reasons:

One, because we have these nifty handheld devices today called smartphones — and if someone really wanted to remember your contact info, they’d whip out their iPhone and boom, problem solved.

Two, we’ve also developed this really cool technology called the internet — and, again, it’d be much easier to just tell them to swing by your website.  Would it not?

Three, what do we associate business cards with?  Or who, I should say?  Lawyers, used car salesman, door-to-door weirdos trying to sell us vacuums and magazines we don’t need?  Right?

To me, people and professions who give out business cards are generally ones I’m trying to avoid.

There’s just something about anyone still handing out business cards that says: “I’m nothing special, plus I’m desperate for a sale.”

Yes, I’m claiming AdvoCare business cards could do more harm than good.

It’s counter-intuitive, but true.

Remember my number one rule in business: when they zig, I zag.

You gotta be different.

You can’t just copy the other 250,000 AdvoCare distributors and expect above average results.

If you do what they do?  You’ll get the results they get.  (Which is usually nothing.  Or pretty close to it.)  Make sense?

I’ll end this rant here.  By now, you either agree or disagree.  Makes no difference to me, but I have made millions of dollars online… so ‘memba that.